Launch of Enlist Corn for 2018 Planting


Dow AgroSciences is excited to announce the launch of Enlist™ corn for 2018 planting!  China’s Ministry of Agriculture approved the import of grain produced from corn containing the Enlist trait.


With the Enlist system fully enabled in corn, a new, differentiated weed control option is now available to farmers. With the use of Enlist Duo® herbicide on Enlist corn, farmers will now have a better solution for effective and easy-to-use weed control that stays on-target.


Farmers are demanding Enlist corn – those who have tried it have told us that the best-in-class packages of weed and insect control they get with SmartStax® Enlist and PowerCore® Enlist hybrids are important for their farms.  The Enlist corn launch follows the successful full system launch this year in cotton.


More information will be coming soon on Enlist corn hybrids, available from Dow AgroSciences seed brands.

Attached is the news release that was sent to agriculture trade media this morning.

TRADE Enlist China Corn NR FINAL 061417

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